According to the CDC’s web site, only 25% of people who have mental health symptoms feel that others care about or are sympathetic to their challenges. This sad statistic ends now, in this moment, with you reading these words. I am an art therapist and I care. I have over 15 years experience working with all kinds of clients in individual and group settings. I have worked with diagnosed and undiagnosed clients and when appropriate, I collaborate with other professionals to help clients feel more centered, more inspired again. I use art materials as a tool to help you more fully understand your thoughts, challenges, and emotions. 

Art therapy is proven to work faster at getting to key concerns because it goes deeper into the unconscious than straight verbal therapy does. Clients are not expected to know how to draw, especially straight lines. In fact, if you can draw a straight line then I might try to get you to draw doodles or squiggles to expand your repertoire.

I approach each session in different ways depending on your goals, age, and themes of issues that come up in the session. There is no set formula for which art materials or techniques are used. Like any form of counseling, art therapy is a journey into the unknown and a process of self-discovery, learning and hopefully healing. Overall though, if you are familiar with different types of therapy, I tend to utilize a blend of Humanistic, Jungian, and Gestalt therapy. 

My brief background

  • Graduated from The George Washington University in Art Therapy (Master’s degree)
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Washington
  • Registered Art Therapist by the American Art Therapy Association
  • Work part time at Children’s Hospital as an art therapist
  • Worked in a psychiatric hospital for chronic and acute mentally ill patients for over 5 years
  • Worked with inner city youth and those with learning disabilities in a non-profit school
  • Worked with seniors suffering from dementia, strokes, and other physical disabilities
  • Conducted research on “peace and hope” in 7 different countries and collected over 200 drawings from children to adults on this theme
  • Personally create art and love using found objects and mixed media to create little treasures
  • Lived and traveled in many countries

To learn more about art therapy, visit the Resource pages.

I encourage you to feel free to Contact me to set up an appointment or ask further questions.