Getting help is no shameful thing

My birthday happened to be yesterday. It was the day that we heard Robin Williams committed suicide. It’s a strange feeling to be focusing on the day of my own birth and simultaneously realizing the sad, premature ending of another beloved person. He was a master at making others happy and yet his own self couldn’t experience that joy he brought to millions of others. Despite his own difficult process, Robin would want others to get help even if he couldn’t ultimately win the battle himself. If you know someone battling with depression, here is one of many resources that might help:  National Alliance on Mental Illness. It is a non profit with lots of helpful resources including referrals for counselors in your area. You can speak to a live person from 10 to 6 p.m. EST:

There is no shame in getting help for a mental health issue or illness. Be kind to yourself and reach out if you need help.

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